Haryana,Forest Department

About Forest Department

  • Haryana is primarily an agricultural state with almost 80% of its land under cultivation. The geographical area of the state is 44212 sq. km which is 1.3% of India’s geographical area. It is not bestowed with bounty of natural forests and only 3.9% of its geographical area is under notified forests.

  • Haryana Forest Department has 5086 registered units of mills. These are basically three types which includes Sawn, Veneer and Plywood.

News & Updates

Following is the list of 12 payments done by various applicants through RTGS/NEFT. however the concerned applicant who have made this payment have no provided detail of their application due to which these following payment have not been settle so far and offer letter if any has not been issued. The applicants /persons who have made this payment are requested to immediately furnish detail of their applications so that these payments can be settled and necessary action regarding approval of licenses and issue of offer letter can be taken. If the relevant details regarding this payment not provided by the concern applicants by 9th October 2017 then the concern payment would be forfeited and applicants/person would have no rights whatsoever regarding the payment done.
Sr. No. Date Amount Sender IFSC & Br Dtl Sender A/c No & Details Sender Bank Name Sender Br Name
1 7-Jul-17 1,30,000.00 PSIB0000794 7941100000826 PUNJAB & SIND BANK JAGADHARI SARSWAT
2 7-Jul-17 13000 PSIB0000794 7941100000806 PUNJAB & SIND BANK JAGADHARI SARSWAT
3 7-Jul-17 65000 PUNB0326100 3261000100036350 PUNJAB NATIONAL BANK DEODHAR
4 7-Jul-17 1,25,000.00 UBIN0558877 588702010000168 UNION BANK OF INDIA 2ND BATTALION PAC
5 7-Jul-17 13000 HDFC0003215 50100121235730 HDFC BANK LTD NAHARPUR
6 7-Jul-17 1,30,000.00 UBIN0561711 617101010050228 UNION BANK OF INDIA JAGADHARI
7 7-Jul-17 1,25,000.00 ORBC0100502 5024015000624 ORIENTAL BANK OF COMMERCE OVERSEAS PANCHKUI
8 10-Jul-17 1,25,000.00 HDFC0003322 50200005180790 HDFC BANK LTD JORIAN
9 6-Jul-17 3,20,000.00 ORBC0100247 2472191011871
10 7-Jul-17 3,20,000.00 INDB0000869 100005735454
11 10-Jul-17 3,20,000.00 PUNB0214000 2140000102096560
12 9-Jul-17 130000 UCBA0280001 UCO Bank

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